Living Water Healing Center – Cindy Kilgore, Mechelle Salmon, Jeanne Scott.  Living Water Healing Center is available to anyone who desires healing – body, soul, and spirit.


SethStrong – Sarah and Lance Parmenter.  The Seth Strong Foundation is a non-profit organization that benefits local families with children battling a life-threatening illness. 


Children’s Centre Los Ninos – Lupita Ecoff.  CCLN is designed to develop, love, encourage and strengthen children to be all that God has created them to be. 


Being Sons – Jay Heck.  Being Sons guides men of every age back home to God to be raised as sons into their full strength so they can begin living the lives they were created to live.  


Donnie Anthony Evangelistic Ministry – Donnie Anthony.  Donnie Anthony Evangelistic Ministry is dedicated to sharing God’s love, mercy, and compassion with a hurting world.


Migdal Oz – Vicki and Carl Kusch.  MIGDAL OZ School of Biblical Studies creates a Christ-centered, Spirit-led academic and experiential environment through which the Word of God can be presented to young adults (age 18 – 25) in the historical, geographical, and cultural context in which His Word was originally given.  

The Collective – Christian Prather.  To provide a supportive faith-based community dedicated to growth through worship events, concerts, community nights, partnerships, content creation, as well as charitable involvement. 


Shine On – Amber Meegan.  Shine On Remembrance Run is a 5K dedicated to the memory of babies who have been lost prematurely and families who have grieved these losses.  Our mission is to promote hope and healing by means of the community. 


Help The Heroes -- Help the Heroes raise funds to purchase and donate PPE or personal protective equipment to front-line health care workers as well as hospitals and nursing homes.

Gallas Strong - Created to support cancer-stricken families both financially and spiritually. 

The Handprint Initiative - A collaboration of urbanists, designers, architects, educators, and leaders focused on mixed-use redevelopment projects that revitalize neighborhoods and advance the wellbeing of the people who live there.  

Divine Mercy Center - A U.S.-based nonprofit focused on fundraising and volunteer development for a Tanzanian home for the elderly.

Zion Collective -- We seek to gather worshippers from all over to seek the heart of God and bring glory to His name.