QKD is a non-profit launching pad. We serve as an umbrella organization that provides non-profit status to those who are feeling called into community impact as well as offering back-office administration to those existing as an independent non-profit entity.  

Our Mission is to serve those who serve the common good. Join us.

Quarry Kingdom Development includes the following Back Office Services:


In addition to the above services, we provide umbrella 501c3 status for fledgling NPOs and new organizations. 

The day-to-day minutiae are not what people dream about when they are thinking about changing the world. Nonetheless, these gritty details are critical to the success of any non-profit, foundation, or church plant.


At QKD, the administration is our ministry. When non-profits have excellent, efficient, and effective administration; only then do leadership teams have the ability to fulfill their core mission.


From building budgets, accounts payable, and everything in between, our mission is to serve those who serve the common good!